Traffic Tickets

If you've received a traffic ticket it may be possible to keep that ticket "off your record" so that it doesn't impact your insurance rates or even worse, cause the suspension of your driver's license.

In some jurisdictions it's possible to keep an infraction off your record by getting the ticket amended to a non-moving violation.  Other jurisdictions allow traffic diversions to allow people to keep infractions off their driving records.

There are some things that may prohibit you from being able to keep an infraction off your record, e.g., the ticket was for speeding in a construction zone, you were still on diversion for a previous speeding ticket, etc.

In the short term, getting a traffic ticket amended or diverted can seem expensive after paying attorney's fees, diversion fees, courts costs, fines, etc.  However, in the long term it's cheaper than paying increased insurance costs for years to come.

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