What You Need To Do To Try And Save Your License

After you were arrested, the officer took your driver’s license and gave you a pink sheet of paper entitled Officer's Certification and Notice of Suspension (a.k.a. DC-27) - READ IT!  Now, turn it over and READ THE BACK!  Now you understand how serious this is.  The State will suspend your driver’s license unless you request a hearing within 14 days.  However, if you request a hearing within the 14-day deadline, no action will be taken to suspend your driver’s license until you have a hearing.  If you miss the 14-day deadline, you will not have a hearing and the State will suspend your driving privileges in 30 days. Please note this is not the same as your criminal case - this is a separate hearing you must request, you don’t get a license hearing unless you request one.

How long your license could be suspended for depends on several factors including your age, whether you took or refused the breath test, your breath test results, etc.  Again, READ THE BACK of the pink sheet of paper entitled Officer's Certification and Notice of Suspension (a.k.a. DC-27).  If you end up having your license / driving privileges suspended in Kansas, you may be eligible to apply for limited driving privileges that allow you to drive to work and/or school as long as you have an ignition interlock device installed in your car.

If you hire me within the 14 day deadline, I will request the administrative hearing for you. If, for whatever reason, you don’t hire an attorney within those 14 days, do your best to follow the instructions on the pink sheet and submit the hearing request yourself.  Do not miss the deadline.

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